Our Logo

What's in our Logo?

In the journey of life, every child’s second step takes him to a world of education which prepares him/her for all the upcoming events of life. And at New Horizon Academy (NHA), we understand the need to provide an environment which will give an individual the opportunity to build for the future. Our logo is not only a symbol but is in line with our thoughts.

The runner symbolizes the sports spirit that incorporates in every individual the sense of team building and planning. It is also important to keep an individual physically fit.

It is almost impossible to achieve anything in life without connecting to one’s soul and so we keep in mind the need to connecting pupils to their sense of living.

Body, soul and mind cannot grow without one another, so our third image in the logo is the boy studying and incorporating the important lessons of life which will make an individual adequate enough to give back to the society.

A life without fun is a life without memories and experience. So, the fourth one depicts the cultural events that make a student’s life worth remembering.

Lastly, we have all learned it from our Vedas that were written a hundred of years ago. So, how can we forget the pen which lets us share our knowledge with the generations to come?.